Hand and Body Positions for the Snaffle Bit and Hackamore. Open to all disciplines and levels of riders

Hand positions, positive and negative
Understanding the pelvis positions and how to use them
Use of your legs to create energy to deliver direct and indirect signals.
Upper body weight, how to use it to enhance signals
Putting multiple signals in concert
Developing two or more signals to ask your horse for the same movement


For horses and riders in all stages of development.

The psychological aspect of cattle as a prey animal
approach positions for directional movement (flight zone)
Cattle body language
Building confidence in your horse's mind
Starting horses on cattle
Cutting from the herd
Setting up the cut
Using other cattle to help make the cut



A proper Bosal and Mecatè to ride in the Clinic is Furnished! Equipment
can be purchased from Mike during or following the Clinic

Understanding the equipment - Bosal and Mecatè (Bar size, length, bosal weight, nose button rotation, rein size and weight)
How the bosal physically works on the horse
Different ways to tie the hackamore (What constitutes a correct tie)
Preparing the horse for the hackamore
How to make signals faster or slower
How to keep the horse light in the bosal
Hand signal differences between the snaffle bit and the hackamore
Advantages of the hackamore over the snaffle bit, as pertaining to self carriage
How to take care of the equipment


How to make the transition from Snaffle Bit and/or Hackamore to the Bridle Bridle
Bosalito and Mecatè to ride in the Clinic is Furnished .... but is not yours to keep!

The horses' mind during transition
The horses' mouth (size, hard pallet shape)
Bridle bits, the types and function of each
Two reining, the purpose and how to handle the Two Rein
Straight bridling Common Problems and how to fix them


Working the Gate - Sorting Cattle

Positioning your horse in an opening and then moving him in the correct manner so the cattle you do not want, go by you and out the gate, while the cattle you do want stay in the pen. Completing this task is about using angles and arc, applying pressure and releasing pressure all within an opening 10 to 14 feet wide. Plus how to read the cattle that are coming at you, how to position the rest of the crew in the pen and how to keep the cattle flowing so that the work gets done quickly but smoothly. A horse that can work within a gate opening with agility and speed combined with a rider that understands the nuances of the job is a sight to behold.

The Project

The Making of a California Vaquero Bridle Horse

The Project is a 5 year study course, in which participants learn the process of Making a California Vaquero Style Bridle Horse. The process is taught in the same sequence as Mike trains his horses. This course is limited to a small group of people who are willing to make the commitment for 5 years and to do the necessary work. At present there are four Project Groups in the United States, each at different stages. Each group meets twice a year and at each session the participants receives a lesson plan that outlines the new subjects to be covered and the riding homework to be completed before the next session. Project participants are permitted to have a note-taker, if they chose, and have access to a private e-mail group where they can post and share session notes, review notes from prior sessions and discuss what they encounter as they work through this process with their horses. This course covers the bio-mechanics of the horse, body positions for riding and how to teach a horse, from the ground and from the saddle, all of the movements and exercises that Mike uses in the development of his horses.


Reined Cow Horse

 This clinic covers topics related to how to prepare and show a horse for Reined Cow Horse, AQHA Versatility Horse and Ranch Rodeo-Stock horse competition. The clinic covers the different elements of cattle handling related to showing the horse and includes such elements as boxing, working down the fence and circle up. If the primary focus of the clinic is Ranch Stock horse then it also includes penning and roping.


Cattle Industry Program

The Cattle Industry Program is a continuing series of private clinics for Ranches and Feed yards. The program covers all aspects of cattle and horse handling skills with the focus on safety and higher levels of performance. Each program is designed to meet the individual needs of each Ranch or Feed yard, the concerns of management and analysis by Mike as the program progresses.


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